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Strata remedial work

Our team of licensed strata remedial builders support and  work with Executive committees and Strata Management to provide Strata Remediation and repair work.  Whether it is repairs, maintenance, strata maintenance on complexes or strata related buildings, we can deliver a high quality of work in line with regulation and safety standards for all types of work.

No matter the size of the work, the skills and experience of our team means that we can complete remedial building repairs quickly, efficiently and to budget for various strata property related issues.

Our Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Waterproofing – all buildings have some form of waterproofing to protect from excess moisture and the ingress of water  to areas not desired. The waterproof membranes can break down over time and we can help remediate the issues related to this. We often work on balconies, leaking showers and bathrooms.
  • Door and Window Repairs or Replacement – Windows and doors may require replacement over time for safety reason, cosmetic issues or simply replacement of broken windows or doors. PBC can supply and install residential or commercial grade windows
  • Common property and Strata Building rendering and painting – With a variety of paint and render finishes available, PBC’s team can refresh and/or repair your existing residential, commercial or strata building. With the latest techniques and sourcing high quality materials and products, you’ll get longer lasting protection and finish with our work.
  • Roof Repairs & Replacement –  We can deal with leaking roofs, downpipe repairs, gutter replacement or installation, replace metal or tile roofing to maintain the look and protective purposes that your roof was designed for.
  • Concrete Spalling and Concrete Cancer Repairs – Over time concrete will naturally deteriorate via the carbonation of the concrete. The steel reinforcement in the concrete slabs can rust and expand, the pressure from this expansion will cause the concrete to crack. These issues can be known as spalling or concrete cancer. By inhibiting the corrosion and using mortar repairing techniques we can repair existing concrete structures before they become an issue.
  • General Repairs – PBC can perform general repairs on most strata buildings. Some of these tasks include handrail replacement upgrade, all structural repairs, bathroom renovations, tiling and other general maintenance on your strata building.

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