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Cladding Replacement

Combustible Cladding directly affects the Safety and integrity of any building which has this non-compliant type of cladding installed. PBC Built are experienced and experts  in replacing combustible cladding to help you comply with the Australian Building Codes Board regulations, protect the occupants of the buildings, and maintain the value of your asset.

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Renovations and Extensions

PBC Built’s experienced team have carried out many types of renovation and extension projects. Whether you want to refresh the look of your building, add an extra room or add value to your property before a sale, we can tailor and take care of the whole process of renovation from start to finish.

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Strata Remedial Work

Our team of licensed strata remedial builders support and  work with Executive committees and Strata Management to provide Strata Remediation and repair work.  Whether it is repairs, maintenance, strata maintenance on complexes or strata related buildings, we can deliver a high quality of work in line with regulation and safety standards for all types of work.

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New Homes

Are you considering constructing a new home? Congratulations!
Building a new home is one of the most exciting and pleasurable experiences in life. A lot effort and considerations are involved in designing a house, choosing materials, fittings and fixtures, not to mention complying with council rules.

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