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Cladding replacement

Combustible Cladding directly affects the Safety and integrity of any building which has this non-compliant type of cladding installed. PBC are experienced and experts  in replacing combustible cladding to help you comply with the Australian Building Codes Board regulations, protect the occupants of the buildings, and maintain the value of your asset.

Cladding is used to improve the looking of a building, provide insulation and resistance to the weather. Due the dangers identified with Aluminium composite panels and Expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels it’s now a legal requirement to replace these types of cladding. PBC can economically, quickly and professionally help replace combustible cladding. Our services include managing and replacing the cladding on:

  • Residential apartments
  • Mutli-residential and strata properties
  • Commercial and office buildings

Why choose Precise Building & Carpentry?

The issue of combustible cladding was so widespread that the Australian Building Code Board issued a determination that all cladding found to be combustible needed to be replaced. PBC can help you with:

  • Sourcing of appropriate cladding materials
  • Removal and replacement of combustible cladding
  • Management of the project from start to finish

The are a number of alternatives that can be used to replace combustible cladding, these alternatives are safer and have been approved for use. Examples of these alternatives are:

  • Composite panels with aluminium cores
  • Solid aluminium panels
  • Compress fibre cement panels

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